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XPath error in getfeatureinfo:query_layers-not-queryable

Issue ID#:
WMS 1.3
Closed (Change Required)
Entered By:
Martell, Richard
Created On:
2014-06-05 12:39:52
Updated By:
Bermudez, Luis
Last Update:
2014-07-24 19:12:36
Assigned To:
Martell, Richard

Original Issue Details:

The test log includes the following error message:

"A sequence of more than one item is not allowed as the first argument of string() (<Name/>, <Name/>, ...)"

This occurs when attempting to identify a non-queryable layer using the following expression:

string(wms:Capability//wms:Layer[wms:Name and functions:boolean-as-integer(@queryable) = 0]/wms:Name)

There may be more than one non-queryable layer in the capabilities document, yielding a sequence.

Status: Fixed - Requires Review
Assigned To: Martell, Richard

Fixed in r9. The expression was modified to select the first non-queryable named layer, if any:

(//wms:Layer[functions:boolean-as-integer(@queryable) = 0]/wms:Name)[1]

Note: The boolean-as-integer function ignores the ancestor axis, so the @queryable attribute must be set on each Layer.


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Entered By: Martell, Richard - 2014-06-05 13:01:50
Status: Closed (Change Required)
Assigned To: Martell, Richard

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Entered By: Bermudez, Luis - 2014-07-24 19:12:36