Progress of Official OGC Standards 2019-06-24

Proposed Standards
SWG Work
OAB Review
OGC-NA Review
Public Review
Prepare for Approval
TC Approval to Vote
TC Vote
PC Vote
Public Release
Abstract Spec Topic 0 04-084
Abstract Spec Topic 2 - Referencing by Coordinates 18-005
CDB 1.2
CDB 2.0
CityGML 3.0
Common Object Model Container SWG
EO Extension for OpenSearch 13-026r9
EO Product Metadata GeoJSON/JSON-LD Encoding 17-003
GeoPackage 1.3 12-128r16
GeoTIFF 19-008
GroundwaterML2 v2.3 16-032r3
HDF5 Core 18-043
MetOcean Profile and Extensions to WCS 2.1 15-045, 15
OpenSearch GeoJSON/JSON-LD Response Encoding 17-047
Semantic Sensor Network Ontology 16-079
SensorML 2.1 12-000r1
Symbology Conceptual Model: Core 18-067
Time Ontology in OWL 16-071
Two Dimensional Tile Matrix Set 17-083
Web Feature Service (WFS) 3.0
Well Known Text Representation of Coordinate Reference Systems 18-010